Interface International

Helping Healthcare Reach Out To Patients From Other Cultures

Program Set-up/Management

Inter-Face International will work with your designated internal Diversity/Cultural Competency manager or director or serve as the external manager/coordinator of your diversity/cultural competency initiative. We provide expertise in developing a successful cost-effective step-by-step plan. We identify and help you implement realistic goals for building diversity and cultural competency throughout your organization including:

  • Needs analysis
    What is the current current cultural/linguistic competency level of your institution and staff? What are your strengths & weaknesses?
  • Implementation plan: How and where do you begin? How long will it take? How will you provide on-going improvement?
  • Program development: What interventions/training will best help you meet your goals?
  • Cost efficient program management:
    Do you want to manage your initiative or would you like us to manage it for you?

Related Services

  • We oversee the production of culturally/linguistically appropriate patient and staff education materials
  • We oversee the production of departmental protocols for caring for patients of other cultures
  • We help you devise internal systems and initiatives that support and reinforce your diversity/cultural competency